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We don’t sell insurance. But our insurance risk management process reduces premiums by 20-30% and improves your quality of coverage.

Just as your association would do a reserve study for the finances, our independent underwriter does the same for your insurance P&C coverage.
Once our independent audit is approved by you, it can be used to professionally bid your coverage to multiple carriers, including your current carrier.

Insurance Can Be Challenging and Time Consuming 

    •  Insurance is complicated and difficult to understand
    •  Agents and brokers are incentivized by sales, not savings
    •  Insured property values are often outdated and too low
    •  Insurance companies can raise rates across the board

Find The Best Combination Of Price And Coverage

    •  Our proprietary competitive bid process drives premiums down by 20-30%
    •  An independent third-party audit reduces the carrier’s risk, reducing premium
    •  A comprehensive property valuation identifies gaps or excesses in coverage
    •  Our BidWorks Package is easy for bidders to complete, maximizing bid participation
    •  A standardized final report score means each bid is easy to compare and understand
    •  An informed client can make the best buying decision supported by experts

Why Should You Bid Your Insurance?
Here is a list of reasons you should consider bidding your insurance every three years. It's not just about the money.
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Sample Bid Spec And Final Report
Once you see what goes into the 50 page bid spec and the final report, you will begin to understand the value we offer.
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Condo Saves $60K Over Three Years
This is a true story that illustrates the benefits of bidding insurance in both saving and improved quality of coverage.


Condos & HOAs
These services are available for a single property or can be a core component in a customized solution for a Property Management Firm with the goal of managing insurance programs for an entire portfolio of properties and clients.
Dozens of cities and counties have embraced this process as transparent and fair. The officials saw many benefits using our process and they always knew they had the best combination of coverage and price when it came to their insurance.
At one point over half the school systems in Georgia were using this process. All of the Metro Atlanta school boards were clients. One board saw a $180,000 premium reduction.
In one Georgia county, the county government, the city government, the school system and the local hospital were using our bidding process and expertise to manage their insurance programs.
We are currently looking for opportunities to work with golf courses. This group is under pressure as many businesses are to control costs and this a great way to do it.
While hotels can have more specialized and diverse coverage needs, we can develop custom solutions that meet those needs. We are always looking for any application to help businesses automate and manage their insurance program.

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