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Reasons To Bid Your Insurance

1. With less guesswork on the part of the bidding underwriters, they can issue lower premiums since they know another independent expert has also reviewed the risk and provided them all the important details to rate the exposure with the highest confidence. Risk has been reduced for the carriers and the client benefits with a lower premium.

2. If you are not competitively bidding, you maybe paying too much for your insurance coverages. As you become an informed insurance buyer, you will learn many ways to reduce your insurance costs without sacrificing protection. 

3. Once the first bid specifications have been created, they can easily be updated with a minimal amount of effort on the client’s part and reused every three years to re-bid the insurance. Also coverages can be re-bid when unreasonable premium increases occur. 

4. Insurance is a hot issue and front page news. Insurance is so complex today that the insurance buyer should have continuous and unbiased expert counsel on insurance matters that includes the evaluation of the financial stability of their insurance companies.

5. Your management and residents have the security and confidence of knowing the insurance program has been objectively evaluated by an unbiased professional. The insurance polices should be reviewed for assurance that they comply with the insurance section of the bylaws and CC&Rs. 

6. 82% of the “Fortune 500” companies have full-time insurance managers. It is the function of Insurance BidWorks to bring the benefits of professional insurance management to those organizations which are not large enough to employ a full-time insurance manager.

7. Many properties, especially new ones, can be over-insured because the market value rather than the replacement cost is used for insurance purposes. The opposite is also true, where the property’s replacement value has not been kept current with inflation caused by rising materials and construction costs.


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